How To Get Over Wedding Blues

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Wedding Guide 22/02/2019

Post wedding blues is a real thing, especially for Asian weddings. This is a common phenomenon that arises due to the many changes newlyweds have to go through. For starters, you might need to move to a new town where you know no one, leaving friends and family. Leaving the only home you've ever know is quite challenging and the reality of the situation usually dawns after the wedding ceremony. Having something to focus on after the wedding allows you to move past missing your old life and focus on making new memories with your spouse. A wedding is a huge milestone and life after this big day is likely, to begin with, anxiety and having to ask yourself what next?

1. A Perspective Shift Will Help

Well for starters, you can shift your focus away from the life you are leaving behind to the one you are about to make. Besides, a wedding is the beginning of the lifetime you want to spend with your loved one. You have just tied the knot with your loved one, and you can begin your life together by reviewing memories from your big day. Going through videos and pictures together allow you to relive your big day before you have to focus on building from square one. Remember that you have your favourite person in the world by your side to do life with. This shift in perspective saves you from wallowing in boredom and anxiety. The two of you can choose a new house together and work on making it a home. Alternatively, you can redecorate and unbox the gifts you got at the wedding. Finally, plan new adventures with your spouse to keep the excitement from the wedding alive.

2. Organize

Nothing will keep you occupied like organizing, especially when you are turning on a new leaf. You'll feel refreshed when you get rid of clutter and have things in order. Post wedding is characterized by chaos due to having many guests and gifts that need to be unboxed. Giving away things you no longer need is an excellent way of dealing with Asian Wedding Blues. You can sort through all the stuff with your spouse and spend quality time together deciding what you need and what needs to go. You can also purchase new stuff for the house as a couple to ensure each item you get has both your seals of approval. Consider looking for interior inspiration from department stores and magazines.

3. Have a To-Do List

Beginning a new life comes with lots of responsibilities and a to-do list ensures you sort out all the important stuff. You can begin by changing your address in case you moved to a new place. You also need to think about changing the name on your driving license and updating the bank on all relevant information. Starting early is important because such changes seem to take time before they are processed.

4. Find a Hobby

Wedding planning can be quite involving especially when you were involved with each step. Once the wedding is over, you'll need to find a new hobby so you don't feel bored and empty. There is usually a lot of excitement around weddings that makes getting past it a challenge. The new hobby could be soothing you do with your spouse. This is an excellent way of dealing with Asian Wedding Blues since this is the person you'll be doing life with for the rest of your life.

Weddings are amazing occasions but once they are over, you have to deal with wedding blues. Staying occupied is the most suitable way of handling Asian Wedding Blues.