Baraat day Photography and Cinematography for Asian Weddings in the UK

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Wedding Guide 31/01/2019

Asian weddings today rival the extravagance and enjoyment of Bollywood-style occasions. In fact, India and Pakistani weddings celebrate the bonds of matrimony, while rejoicing with loved ones, friends and neighbours from near and far. With this in mind, Baraat photography and Baraat videography is essential for capturing all those moments on your special day. With the latest in innovative, digital cameras and recorders, experts are able to create stunning, high-definition photos, videos, and media for social uploads -- DVDs -- and online sharing albums.

UK Baraat Weddings

In the UK, most Asian weddings take place across the South-hall and Wembley areas. However, local videographers and photographers are able to capture the Baraat tradition for families and friends all over the UK. For the Asian wedding grooms, Baraat day sees the them being draped in traditional Indo-Pak attire for the wedding. He is usually helped by family members, as well as his best man and friends.

At the same token, Asian brides are helped by their family members and cousins. This includes traditional Indo-Pak saris, along with hair, make-up, mehndi (henna) and everything they need to welcome the groom and his family and friends. Here are some more essentials of Baraat -- a South Indian wedding tradition:

Pakistani and Indian wedding Photography and Cinematography

Here are more details on what happens on the Baraat day, and what the videographers have to capture

• The groom is led to the marriage venue (wedding or reception hall) in a procession known as Baraat.
• The groom usually wears traditional Indo-Pak attire, while accompanied by loved ones or groomsmen -- known as Baraatis.
• The groom is usually on a horse or will ride in lavish elegant cars with family and friends; Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz, limousines, etc.
• The bride's family greets the Baraat with confetti and put the haars (jewellery) on.
• Traditional Indian -- Pakistan music is played to welcome the groom and his family and his friends. This includes Dhol players, along with Bhangra dancing and festivities that celebrate the special day. The Baraat makes their entrance and the wedding commences.
Asian weddings are a lot of fun for families and guests alike.

With this in mind, you need professional videographers and photographers to capture each special Baraat tradition moment. This will leave you with years of cherished memories, photos and videos that your future children will be able to see!