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Wedding Guide 09/01/2019

Asian wedding entertainment is an interesting mix of tradition and contemporary celebratory trends. Weddings in the sub-continent are usually colourful, loud and festive. The groom arrives with his 'baraat', the wedding procession, who are led by dhol players, the traditional drummers.

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Customarily, the 'baarat' dances to the tunes that the drummers play. These include folk songs that are associated with weddings. Old and new Bollywood and bhangra songs are also popular at marriage ceremonies. Asian wedding entertainment would usually include singers, musicians and DJs.

The wedding ceremony has many rituals associated with it, and the music that accompanies each of them differs. For instance at the entrance to the venue when the groom and his family and friends are welcomed, the music played is festive. In contrast, the melody that will accompany the 'vidaai', or the ritual that involves the bride saying goodbye to her family, will be somber and sentimental.

There are also several ceremonies that may be planned on the day of the wedding or a day or two earlier. These also require Asian wedding entertainment that accentuates the celebration. For an elegant evening event one may like to opt for a pianist who will fill the air with melodious music and set the perfect ambiance. Live bands are also a popular choice. They play the couple's favourite songs and also take requests.

Most Asian weddings are characterized by the bride and groom's families and friends dancing and celebrating the coming together off the couple, and the two families. And this makes the selection of the Asian wedding entertainment very important.