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Mendhi by Hina Pancholi 07/02/2019

I thought that I would write a little introductory blog post to tell you all a little about myself. So I am Hina Pancholi (some of my old followers may remember me as Hina Jadav - before I got married!), and I have been henna-ing professionally for over 8 years. I am a predominantly self-taught artist, and have not been on any formal training courses as such, but recently (November 2018) I attended a 3-day *intense* weekend full of workshops with henna guru's from around the world teaching all there is to know about the art of henna, and boy did I learn a lot! (#hennahuddle2018)

I have a GCSE and A-Level in Art, and have generally always been quite a creative person from as far as I can remember. My parents and older sisters would always buy me craft kits, paints, crayons, sketchbooks and diaries when I was younger, I always preferred those to toys!

After graduating from university, where I studied Psychology, that summer I felt like I needed to fill my time with something, and that's where it all started. I had some old cones from a sister's wedding in the freezer, and I started to practice on my own hands, and any hands that I could get my hands on! (usually my Mum and sisters).

I have never looked back since, and I have gradually grown my clientele, had the pleasure of applying henna for a countless number of brides and their family members. There is something about the build up of Asian wedding festivities that I just love - the food, music, colours, rituals, dancing and of course the henna parties! I feel so honoured to be able to experience a small part of the lead up to the bride's big day.

I will try to post regular blogs, especially over the busy wedding season this summer, some exciting stuff to come!

Hina x