Top Tips to get your skin ready for your WEDDING DAY!

Top Tips to get your skin ready for your WEDDING DAY! banner
Mariam Patel Makeup Artist & Hairstylist 29/01/2019

As a makeup artist, I've worked with many brides & bridesmaids. The one thing I ALWAYS emphasise and discuss at the initial consultation is their skin/skincare. Ladies, to achieve flawless
makeup, we have to prepare the skin first! It plays a huge role in achieving a fool-proof "real life filter" look.
Below, I am sharing 5 TOP TIPS I share with my clients (brides or anyone with an upcoming special occasion!).

The number one mistake a lot of ladies make is following the complete incorrect skin care regime which isn't the correct one for their individual skin type. As we know, there is Dry/Combination/Oily. An easy way to analyze if you aren't sure is visit a beauty/skincare counter (I love The Body Shop & Clinuqe) as they are able to determine using a tool as to how dry/moisturized/oily your skin may be.

*Always do a patch test prior using any product on your face*
Ever began using a new skincare product and began to notice a few break outs? It may not necessarily mean you are allergic, it could be something called "Purging". This is a process which happens when the ingredients begin penetrate into your skin and cause the dirt to come to the surface (which means it's working!) . This is why it is a good idea to try new skincare way before your wedding incase of purging. This includes having a facial, be sure to book your facial for atleast 7-10days before your wedding to allow your skin to heal from any spots that may come up. Now you are probably wondering how to tell if it is really purging or your skin isn't agreeing to this new product? Purging usually happens on areas of the face which are oilier (nose, chin & forehead). This usual happens shortly after using the product and subsides as you continue to use it, as the dirt is clearing out. It should clear up after a week atleast. If it continues to aggravate, ovcourse stop using as it is a breakout.

How many of us forget to drink water on a daily basis? Imagine having a soil ground without watering...dry, crackling, unhealthy looking. Exactly how our skin would react. Infact I've noticed on myself, the days I am negligent with my water intake my skin begins to look dull & tired. Remember, water flushes out all the toxins which directly effects our skin, hair and nails too!
Start off with what you can and build up, there are a few helpful apps available that remind you to have a glass! Don't forget, you can also eat your water....yes that's right! Fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, watermelon,celery,lettuce to name a few contain high levels of keep hydrated!

Would you believe me if I said I've not had a salon based facial in a over a year, and still managed to improve my skin health the most this year!? Well the key is to dedicate some time daily,either in the morning or evening to really treat your skin. This would typically include cleansing/exfoliating, toning, serum, eye cream, moisturising & always SPF too. Occasionally throwing in a mask to enhance the benefits. Now the routine you follow and prefer would depend entirely on your skin needs, so do your research on the best products available, can even be homemade(maybe the next blog will be based on this!). The main thing is to make sure you keep up with it to really see your skin nourishing day by day. Eventually to even avoid daily makeup it for the big day!

As an artist myself, I am always happy to answer questions and advise my brides-to-be with their regime. Often I get brides who are worried about their drying/oily skin, we go through all the possible ways in which I can cater for her with my makeup application skills & products, along with a plan for throughout the day if she required a touch up, which usually isn't necessary with a guarantee of 12 hour wear! The whole point of a trial/consultation is to trial out which products are most suitable for that lasting flawless bridal look.
Also, don't worry about the one spot that decides to pop up a day or two before, it's perfectly normal to happen due to the nerves/stress, but with the correct approach of a little rescue to it such as spot masks/gels we can totally work our way and get you looking and feeling like a QUEEEN! Be sure to try your chosen "rescue kit" beforehand ovcourse.

You see, my job isn't just about applying the makeup, I take great interest in ensuring the best possible outcome of your choice of booking me, even before the makeup application begins! Wherever you may be, always be sure to discuss your skin with your chosen artist.

I hope this has helped you , comment below of any one new thing you may have picked up & more topics you'd like me to post about...I thoroughly enjoyed writing this up for any brides to be or bridesmaids too. Keep an eye out for lots more informative blog posts.
Mariam xx