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Jupiter Son Entertainment have a policy to meet with you and every couple that enquire about our services. This enables us to find out precisely what type of wedding DJ you wish to have and the theme you wish to create. Once we have a clear understanding of your wedding ideas our bespoke service can be tailored to meet your particular needs.

Being your wedding DJ is far more than just standing next to the dancefloor for a few hours selecting records. It’s about listening to you and making you and your guests have the best party ever.

Our experience in providing wedding disco’s is second-to-none. First and foremost, we understand that your wedding day is all about you. You want your guests to have a fun day and evening; you want your party to be different from all others; you want your event to be considered ‘The wedding of the year’.

In performing at over 2,000 weddings in the UK and around the world, we have seen what it is that makes the difference between fun weddings with an electric atmosphere to the weddings that drag on with little energy through the day.


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