What is an Asian DJ?

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Desipride Entertainment 24/12/2018

An Asian DJ is usually an individual who plays musical recordings in a variety of venues. The DJ can usually play musical selections provided by the management, for instance a radio DJ, or alternatively plays musical selections chosen by the customer or complied by the DJ themselves to suit the occasion and venue.

Asian DJ's will usually play music specific to the eastern musical influences however many do also include western music.

Desipride Entertainment are Asian DJ's and Dhol Players Group.

Common Genres of music played by an Asian DJ include, Classic Bollywood Cinema Music, Bahngra Music, Contemporary Hindi/ Urdu Music, Traditional & Folk Music in addition to Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz and Blues.

The nature and vibe of Asian music generally livens up any occasion and with the right tracks guests can be compelled to join in with the dancing and excitment of the day which is why Desipride's team of Asian DJ's will ensure they play the perfect tracks to suit your occasion and ensure you will have memories to cherish for years to come.